Sunday, December 20, 2009

I have all my life....seen such a thing. Have You?


I love snow! I really do! I get so excited when the forecast is calling for it. I know it can be so dangerous and so inconvenient for so many people and sometimes even for me, but I just love it. I feel like a big kid everytime I hear it might snow. This time was a pretty good one for us up here. I really don't know the accumulation total because it is different all over. The winds were so big that we just have snow drifts everywhere. At one place it's about 12 inches and at another place it's up to my thigh. I do know that it's taller than Gracie. She loves it too! We've had a fun day!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Talk about emotional~

The big day finally arrived! November 21st. We had dropped him off on May 1st, said our tearful goodbyes and drove away. I cried a few tears and then took a deep breath and put a bandaid on my heart and asked God to hold it there until he comes home. We had much to do to keep us busy and a few ports here and there to be able to hear his voice. We got into our daily routines and tried not to really even think about counting down yet. Knowing that he was in dangerous territory for a while made it hard to not think of the worst, to not think of all the "what ifs"...But soon we were down to 1 exciting...until we were told they were extended....maybe....not sure how long. HARD! Then it was 6 weeks extended and I just cried a little and then got tough again and moved on. But then Cindy told me the extension was to be shorter than expected and we rejoiced.....and started counting down DAYS! In the last week, I couldn't sleep or think of anything else. I daydreamed of his return and what things would be like. I was so very anxious and excited. I truly missed him like I've never missed him before. We'd done a zillion of 2-3 monthers on a trident, but just never anything quite like this. The day came and we tried to pass the hours. I tried to look so nice for him.........and finally it was time to go. We went down to the pier and the excitement filled the air. The navy band was playing good ol patriotic music and the other wives and family members were everywhere all filled with excitement. And then...........we saw the boat. My friend Cindy and I gave each other a hug and just said "we made it" and the tears started and I couldn't stop them. The relief, the excitement, the joy, the thankfulness and the pride that wells up when that sub comes toward the pier and we know that our men are on that and where they have been and what they have been doing for our is just inexpressable. They opened the gates and let us on the main pier and we watch and wait for our man to come off (and they all look the same ofcourse). But I knew when I saw him and Cindy just said "Go, Go"! He was in his dress uniform and looked so very handsome. I have never seen him come off in his dress blues before so that was really awesome. The kids ran to him and he knelt and they both hugged his neck and he hugged them like I have never seen before. I then got my hug and I never wanted to let go. He was home, He was home , He was home!!! May I never, ever forget how it felt to be without him, may I never forget what he and all of the others are doing for our country and may I never take for granted my freedom and my safety because there are men and women fighting and putting themselves in danger every single day to make sure that I have just that. May God truly bless America and may America truly learn to love our Amazing God!!!!!


The 17th of November, the day I was born. The sound of that day always bring such warm memories and fun times. Each year as a child, I was always made to feel as special as anyone could feel on that day. Special treatment from Mom and Dad, the birthday cake (homemade ofcourse) of my choice, and always fun! A few times I had parties with friends which was fun, but many years, my birthday was just celebrated at home with my family and those are some of the best memories I have. Ofcourse my Mom is the master of getting special presents and wrapping them as that of an artist. I ALWAYS got happy birthday sung to me and my picture taken as I blew out the candles......sometimes we had to do a redo because the first one didn't take.....and I still do that to this day to my kids:) And after I married and have moved from state to state I still have been able to have special birthdays. Some I have been home for, some have been spent with family visiting, some with my husband, some with my kids and some with my husband and my kids. And some have been spent with very special friends made along the way that truly understand the navy life and care enough to make my day special. This year my friend Dee (of which we need a real picture taken of us together with me NOT in a spongebob suit) made me dinner and had me and the kids over. Rach made my cake, Gramma sent what she needed, and so we ate and laughed and had a great time. And my other friend Cindy took me for a girls morning as well the day before.....Great friends, special memories. And my family back home and my friends abroad all still remember me on that day with a card, a gift or a special phone call.......Those days are when I realize all of the people that God has put in my life that I so often take for granted. All of them thinking of me on that same day.....Should I ever be so blessed?

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Latest....

Just a few things that have been going on around here lately....

MawMaw, PawPaw, and Hudson came for a visit in September. I got to experience just how funny Hudson really is...and he doesn't really mean to be! He's a joy to have around! And oh so patient with Brady. Then Cindy and I took the kids to the pumpkin patch...that was fun! Thank goodness for good friends! Then Gramma, Grandpa, and Daniel came for fall break. They were here for Brady's birthday party at Chuck e Cheese. That was so much fun too. We didn't do much else that week, but always nice to have them around. Daniel also did good with Brady, but being 13, I think Brady got on his nerves a little bit more. I'm sure he would mine too if I was still 13!!! Time is going by, little by little, day by day. We found out that Daddy is extended another month. 7 months, 5 days.......hopefully it won't go any longer, we are ready to have him home! But until then, we will just fill our days with friends, fun and thankfulness!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Mommy, I can't wait to see Jesus"

I have now had the privilege of having such a sweet talk with both of my children at the age of 4. I can remember being on our couch in GA when Rach was 4 and her asking so many questions about Jesus and then just holding her as she cried because she wanted to see him so badly. Brady now is so curious and has been asking questions. And as we passed up bedtime tonight because we were still talking, my heart smiled. He too wanted to know all of the ins and outs. He too sat and cried in my arms because he wants to see Jesus, but also because he would miss me if he dies. It is amazing to be able to tell your children, with no hesitation, that once they are in heaven, they will not want anything else. Ofcourse Brady thinks it will be nice if there's some toys there but not cars because he doesn't want to get ran over:) Trying to explain it all in a way that they understand and in a way that's not scary, but yet in a way that is truthful is a hard job. I am thankful that my children want to see Jesus....I do too. And I am thankful for my amazing God who loves me so much. And I am thankful for Jesus!

Monday, September 14, 2009


When Brady says the word Pumatoes it could mean a tomato, it could mean a potato, or it could mean a tornado. He just asked me "Mom are Pumatoes real?" So I said you mean the red ones or the brown ones? He said "No, I mean the ones that twirl in the air." I said, "yes they are real." He said " If you were ever pumping gas and I was in the car and we had a pumato and you got blowed away, I would be really lonely." I guess he would!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Summer 2009

What we have done, June,July, and August........
~Gramma visits

~Six flags N.E. with Gramma

~To Paducah

~Rach Stitches
~Many meals with friends and family(some in, some out)

~Mam-maw's house


~Brown County

~Patti's with Kevin and Ellen

~MM and PP's 42nd Anniversary

~Baby shower

~PP had a heart attack

~Brady Strep throat

~Venture River

~Kirchoff's bakery

~William's Wedding


~Swimming at Janice's

~Paducah's got Talent (Big Finale)

~Lot's of time with Cousin
~Weinie and Marshmellow Roast in the rain, Thanks everybody
~Grandpa's car accident

~Zoo with Uncle Kevin

~Came home

~Krischon and boys visited

~Got a dog

~Lots of swimming
~Time with Friends

~Waiting for school to start:(

~Oh and also while we were home, Nat and Nae had a fall, Reese had a close call at the pool.

~After we left, MM and Nat had a four wheeler accident, and MM had some bad luck for a few days.

~But in the end everyone was OK. I feel very blessed to have family and friends such that I do. To have a husband to wait for.....and children to love. To be able to do all that we have has been a great summer.


One deployment, one summer, one trip, one day, one moment............oh what can happen. One blessing, one illness, one accident, one scare, one tragedy, one death.......So much can happen in such a short amount of time. I am thankful that I have One God, One Spirit, One Savior, One King of kings, One Lord of all. So much can happen in just much is treasured in just ONE......

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Waiting for words....

I haven't posted in several weeks, and yet so much has gone on. I am still thinking and processing and trying to put all this time into words....let me say, I am blessed............

Friday, June 26, 2009


Rach had to go to the ER yesterday here in Paducah. We just got here for our long visit and she fell on Mom and Dad's brick steps and sliced her knee. It was a big deal to would have been to me to...I've never had that happen. But she was very brave and did very well. I got to thinking how thankful I am for hospitals and medical procedures and medicine and insurance! Just a year ago we were at Yale Children's Hospital with Brady's low blood platelets...scary, yet also "fixable"......I am thankful for "fixed" children and somewhere to take them to get "fixed"..... She wanted her Daddy.....but Me, MawMaw, Gramma, Nae Nae and a few others made was pretty funny how so many of us ended up there for a cut knee.......Only in our family.....I Love my family!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Full of emotion

I just feel all sorts of emotions right now. Excited, sad, fearful, anxious, Thankful, etc..... A trip home, a hubby in the war zone, saying goodbye to friends that are being stationed elsewhere, a possiblity of a new adopted nephew in the family, and many many other blessings in my life! And even getting a new puppy soon..........I think I'm crazy!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Missing our Daddy

I guess I just got so used to 3 month patrols, not 6 month deployments. At this point we would be over halfway of a patrol.......but we're not that close for this one. I continue to be blessed with wonderful family and friends in my life and I know that time is going to continue to tick tock away.....but some days, it's just hard. I miss him. We miss him. Brady now talks about him a lot, about the little things that he does with Daddy. They both deal with it, just like I do, we do fine.....but we miss him.

Friday, June 5, 2009

How could I ask for more?

A roof that is over my head;
a warm and cozy bed.

A husband who loves me so;
and to war, he's willing to go.

Two children so bright and happy;
they are such a blessing to me.

A family so willing to roam;
to wherever we call "home."

Friends I've met along the way;
each unique in their own way.

Laughter and joy that fill my heart;
God's presence in each new day I start.

My life is full, I stand in awe;
for I do not need anything at all.

Nothing, that is, on earth you see;
I have my Savior and He has me.

How could I ask for more?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hearing from Hubby

Well, it's been two weeks of the six months! Making progress!!! We got to talk with him a couple of times this week. He was in Plymouth, England for a couple of days. It was nice to hear his voice. I used to think we should have these lengthy, deep, conversations anytime we got to talk during a patrol, but then I realized that's not us!!! We just want to know that we are both ok, that we miss each other so much and that we love each other. There's definitely a bittersweetness about those phone calls from so far away. I love to hear from him, but it makes me miss him all the more and realize just how far he is.

Lord, I pray that you will protect him and give him wisdom in his job. I pray that he will find rest when he needs it and most of all, that You would draw him closer to you during this time. Thank you for my husband......


I am hoping that Brady doesn't have to save me from an emergency any time soon! Yesterday he and I read a book about firefighters and we talked about 911 and stuff. So we acted it out. I told him to go be at the firestation and I would be at home and call 911. So I called 911, his "alarm" went off, he slid down the pole, put on his firesuit and drove right over. He got there and I said"help my house is on fire". He hooked up his hose and then said " get out". I said, "I can't get out, my legs don't work, I need help" So then he said "Oh, I've got a present for you in the truck...I'll be right back" I pleaded with him to save me first and finally he did, but it took a while, but I think my house burned down while he got my present.......


Yesterday, twice, my attention was brought so abruptly to the fact that so many adults are just as guilty as children of having no manners at all!!! I watched an aid at the school practically yelling at a child. Then we had Arts night last night, which consists of the choir, band, strings, and then some dancing. We all know that each person there is only intersted in their own children, but what happened to being respectful and to trying to show all of the children, especially those that don't have any support, that we care about them and that they are worthy of listening to. I was just disgusted as the entire audience proceeded to talk and be loud while children were up there trying their hardest to play instruments. Did it sound perfect? Was it the kind of music we would choose to be entertained with ? NO, because they are little and it sounded pretty rough, but nevertheless, they were trying and some of them were really good. And so everyone visited, talked, and walked around until the dancers performed, then it got quiet and EVERYONE sat and was quiet. Rachel performed, with lots of other students, the hoe down, throw down and it was really really cute! But then, after the dancing, probably 80% of the people just left and so the band kids that still needed to perform, had only a few people left to watch them......sad, sad, sad. I know that a handful of people have good reason to leave, but when that many leave, what does that say to our children? I think that is a great example of just how selfish we are in this world!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sweet, Sweet laughter

I just read a friends blog about her 21 yr old daughter leaving home and where did the time go? Rachel is 8 and Brady is 4 and I feel that way. As we said goodbye to Daddy on Friday...all I want is for time to go fast, but as we spent the weekend doing some extraordinary fun things, like carnivals and ballgames and shopping....all I want is to stop time. We were shopping yesterday and I let them play in the play place for a bit and as they played Rachel was trying to "hide" from Brady and so she was crawling around on her hands and knees, darting in and out of things and giggling to no end. She had me laughing so hard.......and I was sitting alone, so I'm sure I looked pretty funny. But in their sweet laughter, their innocence, their unending hugs and kisses, their pure happiness, I find so much joy. And just as my friend thanked the Lord for the years spent teaching, nurturing, loving and growing with her daughter, I too am thankful for the years we've had.....and wanting to cherish every moment to come.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sums it all up............

A Navy Wife's Prayer

How often we've stood on dark flight lines and piers..."I love you", "I'll miss you" whispered through tears.During long separations, in peace time, at nights filled with dreams of this man I adore.With only my memories to hold close at night...I live for the day God returns my sunlight.Yes, life goes on when your loved one's at sea...but the ache never leaves, the fear stays with me.Dear Lord, I need Your guidance, Your me be brave, keep Your watch from above.Hold my dear one so safe in Your heart and Your hand...bring him home to his family...this man.In us Lord, I pray he'll be filled with such pride...of how we carried on without him by our side.Please, help time fly quickly and soon I will hold...the hand of the man whose eyes chase the cold.Whose voice brings delight, whose touch eases pain.How will I ever say "Farewell" again?With Your help dear God, I'll try to stay strong...and pray that his time here at home will be long.Still, "I know that the Navy will need him", I sigh...but we'll face it together, Dear Lord, you and I.

-Sue Combs

Go Redsox?????

Well, I guess I am now a Boston Redsox fan? I really have never been a sports fan of any sort. I like to go to a real game occasionally and I like to watch people that I know play sports and I always like to watch the superbowl, but I've just never been a die hard fan of any particular teams..........just what my mom and dad and my hubby like I guess. Well, Rach has become a Redsox fan since moving to CT. Apparently here you are either redsox or yankees. JB likes the redsox too I guess, and so they all wanted Boston Redsox baseball caps and they said I needed one here we all are in our hats...............GO BOSTON!!!! (or not...I don't really care:) I hear that the Redsox have been on a winning streak lately and beat the yankees four straight at least I'm a "fan" of a winning team!!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Break 2009

The kids and I have just had an amazing week. This is the first time in a while that I haven't been traveling on a break. I love to travel, especially back home, because I love to see my family. But we stayed back this time because we have precious time to spend with Daddy before He leaves again. But he still had to work this week. We just really had a "staycation" as I've heard others say before. We took it easy each morning,had a couple of "dates" with friends, we've been to the movies, to the skating rink, to the park, bike riding, played card games, read books, and even went out for milkshakes!! And we spent time with Daddy in the evenings. It has really been a great week and the weather has been nice too. Maybe not as warm as some would like it, but warm enough for us to get out some. I really feel like I've had a vacation!


This hit me the other day while going through a drive-thru......I go to a drive-thru because I don't have time or I don't want to cook. I expect my order to be right and if it isn't the way I want it, then I'm frustrated. I want it to be speedy, speedy and if they take too long....well, then I'm even more frustrated....................I realized that I do that to my amazing God sometimes! I go to Him sometimes only when I've decided I can't do it myself. I put in my request (order) and really want it to come out my way......In a nice speedy, speedy fashion. And I know that is not the kind of God that I serve. He is always there for me, but His ways are bigger than my ways, and His thoughts are higher than my thoughts. He wants every part of my life....the everyday not much going on part of my life and the Oh my goodness how am I ever going to get through this part of my life. And I've learned, that without giving Him the first part......then I'm just expecting Him to be my drive-thru service.........and that has nothing to do with my heart or my God. That's why I have to choose everyday to spend time with Him and in His word. Help me Lord and Thank You for always being there!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Two thoughts.....

1. There is definitely something in milk that makes my kids wet the bed (well Brady now)

2. I have been trying to get things done and get dressed all's almost 3:00 and I'm just now heading to do that bad?


Rachel and I got to go to New York City with her girlscout troop! We had an awesome day! We saw the empire state building, the NYC library, time square, rode a carousel, and saw the Barnum and Bailey circus at Madison Square Gardens! It was great! (I'm not in the picture)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Long lost hugs

There is nothing quite like your husband walking in the house after being gone for a month without you knowing he is there! JB got a ride when he came home on Thursday and so it was a surprise when he opened the door!(good thing I was home, because he didn't have any keys on him)...I've learned to appreciate the time apart because it really really makes us appreciate one another. I have missed him so much this time and it was such a short run, but I think I am just living in anticipation of the deployment coming up. But I know that everyday that I wake up is one day closer to my long lost hug!!!! And I also know that My Heavenly Father is there every single moment....with both of us! We are blessed in this Navy life that we live~

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Who's listening?

Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear. Ephesians 4:29

Lord, I need you to help me to acheive this...........

Monday, March 30, 2009

10*weird* things about me on my 10th post~

I always get a chuckle when others have done similar posts....just thought I would enlighten all who read......

1. I can't take a shower without having freshly brushed teeth
2. I can't stand for my bare feet to touch anything wet(except the shower), esp. public floors.
That's enough to make me pass out!!!
3. I always swish water around in my mouth when I'm done eating...I don't like dirty teeth.
4. I get very bothered when I run out of paper plates.
5. I have always wanted a personal I would eat healthier.
6. I think it would be great to experience life in the little house on the praire days.
7. I don't like to get off of the phone in a hurry...It makes me feel nervous.
8. Everything I do is on a list/schedule of some sort. I like my PLANS.
9. I am horrible at picking my favorite of, color, activity....I just like all kinds of things. (Not a good decision maker)
10. I get very excited when it's Friday....even though I don't work!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Manners or NO Manners...that is the question!

I thought it so funny when I was working with Brady on his Cubbies bible verse for this week. He was supposed to memorize "Lord, teach us to pray." He would not say it without some manners:) He said it "Lord, PLEASE teach us how to pray." I laughed so hard...I was helping in cubbies today and that is exactly how he said it to the other teacher.....Gotta love it. And speaking of manners..........I guess that goes out the window with Gramma. Brady feels the need to ask her for anything and everything that he wants (ofcourse he usually gets it too). But the other day I told him that he really needs to stop asking Gramma for everything. I told him that it is rude to expect someone else to get something just because you ask and he said "Mommy, don't tell me to stop that because that will hurt Gramma's feelings if I don't ask her. She loves to buy me stuff." Ofcourse I have to agree with him there...she does love to buy stuff for them and she's going to he's just learned to let her know ahead of time what he likes!!! But at least he's using those manners with God..........

Nothing Better.....

Is there anything better than getting a "love note" from one of your babies??? This was taped to my mirror Saturday morning when I was getting ready!!! I love you too Rach!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Chicken noodle soup

I made biscuits and gravy and bacon for "dinner" tonight. It was just me and the kiddos. We were eating and talking and Brady said "Mommy, I just want to tell you make the best biscuits in the world" and then Rach said "and the best Fried chicken in the world." Then Brady said"and the best chicken noodle soup in the world" of which Rach said "Brady, Mommy doesn't cook that." I guess if it comes out of a can I can't take credit for it.....but Brady didn't know that:)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Daddy would.....

Boy to kids know how to get you sometimes! The other night I was getting ready for bed and Brady said "Mommy, will you make my bed?" (I'm not a real good regular bed maker)....Anyway, I said "Brady, you're getting ready to GO to bed, why do you need it made?" He says "because I want to see Thomas", I say"then go make it yourself!" He layed down on the floor with his blankie and says"if Daddy were here, He would make it." He was trying to really use that.........but what he has forgotten is that his Daddy would be the last person on earth to make his bed............and I know that!!! But it was worth a good pitiful try anyhow:)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

One year from now....

I often worry about silly things. I also tend to do things because I feel like other people think I should??? That can be good....that can be bad.... And I've been thinking a lot about the things that really make life worthwhile and what it is that I spend my time doing. There are always things to volunteer for (and there is definitely a time for that), there are always new things to buy, and then there are things that I focus on and worry about that in the end seem pointless. I want my life to matter....for those around me and for the Lord. I think I want to start asking myself this question.....will it matter one year from now???

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Babies!!!

It's always exciting to hear that a baby will be born. The sweetness they behold, their complete dependence on those who love them, and the joy that they bring to our lives. My brother and sister-in-law are expecting their 5th child and I just can't be more excited! Our family has been so very blessed with the children that we have and to have another is so awesome. One thing I have learned is that Babies grow up and then they are still such a blessing!!! Lord, may we raise them to love You......

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sick Days:(

Poor Rach! She started with a sore throat last night and then a fever in the night...she's home from school today! I remember when Mom used to say "I love it when you're sick, not because you're sick, but because you want to stay home and snuggle with me."(I never can remember if the quotes go inside the punctuation or Michelle) Anyway, I know what she means now because even though I hate for my kids to feel bad, I love to get to hold them and help them feel better! My Dad, on the other hand, just said "Better you than me."

We had to take Daddy early this morning to leave:( That doesn't help our sick day! But we'll see him again before he goes for the long one....I thank the GOOD Lord for providing a wonderful job for him and that he is willing to go "fight those pirates" because I'm sure not!!! Also, without the job he has there are Soooo very many friends that I would have never known...and I can't imagine!!! One of the reasons to Count it all JOY!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Submarines and a 4 year old...

It has been most interesting since JB has been back on a Sub that is actually going out to sea. The questions that Brady asks, are so logical, but at the same time just so funny. His mind just cannot grasp it all. He has asked "Does Daddy get wet?", "Can he see sharks out of the window?", when I say there are no windows...."No windows? How does he see the sharks?" He has asked me "Is Daddy going to get eaten by sharks, or are they nice sharks where he goes?" He asks questions about where Daddy goes and what he does while he's gone and the only answer I know to give is that Daddy is protecting us from the bad guys. And then ofcourse he relates bad guys with Pirates and tells me "Daddy can fight the pirates with his sword...Does Daddy have a sword?" A lot for a four year old to take in.............just fight those Pirates Daddy!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I THINK I really want to do this!!!

So here I go~
I have followed three people's blogs for the past several months. My sister-in-law Shannon, my sister Renee and my friend Michelle's. It's so nice to keep up with what's going on and to get a peep into their thoughts and hearts. I really enjoy writing and I thought this could be a place to share my heart.....for those interested now and for my children for years to come. I chose the name of my blog from James 1:2-4 that says "Consider (count in KJV)it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing". Another reason I'm choosing to start this now is that it will be a great way to keep up with life's events while JB is gone for the next several months. Something he can look back on and something that will show me just how good God will be to me through it all! My hearts prayer truly is, no matter the situation, to Count it all JOY!