Friday, May 15, 2009


I am hoping that Brady doesn't have to save me from an emergency any time soon! Yesterday he and I read a book about firefighters and we talked about 911 and stuff. So we acted it out. I told him to go be at the firestation and I would be at home and call 911. So I called 911, his "alarm" went off, he slid down the pole, put on his firesuit and drove right over. He got there and I said"help my house is on fire". He hooked up his hose and then said " get out". I said, "I can't get out, my legs don't work, I need help" So then he said "Oh, I've got a present for you in the truck...I'll be right back" I pleaded with him to save me first and finally he did, but it took a while, but I think my house burned down while he got my present.......

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