Monday, April 11, 2011

MawMaw, PawPaw, Hudson and Natalie came for a visit for their spring break. PawPaw took Hudson and Nat to Norm's diner ( a couple times), to Fort Trumbull, and to climb on the rocks by the water. I think climbing on the rocks came in second just after eating at Norms:) unfortunately, I got no pictures of all the kids together or of PawPaw.....I didn't do well on that this time, but thankfully PawPaw got these on his iphone. It was a wonderful visit.........with ofcourse Rach getting sick at the end. What kind of trip would it be without someone getting sick:)

Brady loses his first tooth! April 8th 2011...

Just like Rachel, he already had a tooth coming in behind it. He was ready to get that sucker out....not a tear in his eyes!!! Ofcourse he is 6 1/2, Rach was just 5 when here first one came out:)

On a lighter note...

Brady has decided he wants to be a Navy Cop with a police dog! And he is going to move to Hawaii. The other day when me and the kids were exiting the base after going to the commissary, I spotted a navy cop with a dog. I pointed him out. Brady said "that's exactly what I want to be." Rachel then said "Brady, by the time you are in the navy, that guy will probably be dead!" I said well Rach, Brady could be in the navy in 12 years. That guys looks about 25. So he will be about 37 in 12 years. I am you think he will be old enough to be dead huh? It is just always so funny how kids see the whole age thing.....I remember feeling the same way when I was little:)

When life makes a U turn....

On February 22nd, 2011 I woke up with a horrible headache. The kids were out of school that day for winter break. I always love it when they are home and we can just do what we want to do. They did have a dentist appointment that morning so we left around 10 to go. While we were waiting I recieved a text from my Brother in law, Kevin. He asked if it was a good time to talk....I got nervous at that point...but by now they had called the kids back and they were both in a dentist chair. I didn't call him at that point, but soon I got a call from JB. "Dad has fallen at work and is being airlifted to Vanderbilt." We didn't know anything else, we didn't know what the injuries were. We didn't know if he was going to live. All this while I smile at my children and "listen" to the dentist talk about needing to floss more. My head was swimming, my heart was pounding...I just kept saying to God, "Lord, you are Almighty....I place this whole situation in Your hands." We finally are done at the dentist and I talked to JB again...he says that his head is fine, but he can't move.....paralyzed??? I then talk briefly with Linda as she is on her way to Nashville with our friend Yvonne. She didn't know much, she was being so brave. The kids and I then just went home and waited for JB.....Kevin was waiting in Nashville for the helicopter to get there. Over the course of the evening the reports were that this was possibly temporary...maybe after the swelling goes down he will be able to move. JB and I decided to wait, because if it was temporary, then he would heal up just fine and we wouldn't really be needed. They did an MRI in the middle of the night....we didn't hear anything by JB went to work. The kids and I went to school. JB called about 9:30 that morning and said in a voice that I have never heard him have "they say he is a quadrapalegic." The word was heart wrenching. Tears came to my eyes, my heart was racing head still pounding from the morning before. JB said let's just the kids and I left the school at lunchtime which gave me time to make some phonecalls and get myself together.....and gave JB some time at home alone. The teachers at Wildwood....just so supportive and understanding. I knew we would be prayed for. Off we went, driving towards Nashville, trying to explain things to the kids...not really knowing ourselves. Hating that Linda and Kevin are there without us...knowing they are dealing with all of this firsthand. We stop for the night....didnt' really sleep well and then finish the drive the next day. As we approach the hospital, my heart races stomache turns as we anticipate seeing him....facing this giant. My dad is there to get the kids, his hug is irreplaceable. We finally get to Linda and to hug them and just be together. We get to see Donnie and he is so talkative...very emotional...he looks better than we thought he might....this was just So Big!!!! The whole time just talking to the Lord...praising Him for being in control, for being a God that loves us so much...asking Him to bring peace, rest and healing. To bring understanding and comfort. The kids go off to Paducah where they were taken care of like royalty for the next few days. We head to Atlanta the next morning. Donnie by ambulance...kevin in his car, JB in Linda's car, Me and Linda in our car. Heading to The shepherd Center....Rehab. His injury is incomplete...meaning there is hope for movement. Upon arriving there, we have lots of information thrown at us. It is overwhelming....Praying that Linda could just take it one thing at a time. We spent that week just trying to get things settled, get a grip on what was things were going to be for a while...what we needed to do. Kevin became our business man and took care of so much. We all just tried to be there for Linda...for support and help. She was exhausted and overwhelmed but being so strong for Donnie. And from this point Donnie started having his doctor and nurses and therapists working with him day and night to meet all of his needs and start him on the road to moving again. Mom and Dad brought the kids to us on Wednesday and they got to see Grandpa and Gramma and spend some time before we headed home on Saturday. It was so hard to leave....we felt like we were just leaving them there to deal with all of this and we were just going home to live our "normal" life. But God was so good and between kevin and other family and friends, He provided just the right people at just the right times. JB made a trip there last weekend and could definitely see the progress he is making. Lifting his right arm, some movement in his left arm. He now has a baclofen pump inside of him to help calm his muscle spasms. Grandpa is on a long road. He has suffered some miserable days and nights. He has had pain. He has dealt with so many emotions. Yet, he is strong and willing to work hard to get back what he can. He and Gramma are on a new journey and we are so proud of them both. I continue to pray for more movement, for healing and for big strides. But most of all, I pray that all of our hearts are open to God. To his love and power. To his strength, comfort, rest, and joy that only He can give. That God will use this giant in Donnie's life, in all of our lives, to make us all know Him more. He has led us to make a U-turn, may the new direction bring glory and honor to Him!

Rachel is 10......(how did that happen?)

What a FABULOUS weekend. Nae Nae, Shannon, Sydney, Natalie and Reese all came. We went to eat at Ortegas Friday night. We went to the Providence Place mall and ate at the Cheesecake Factory on Saturday. On Sunday we got pizza and went Rollerskating. Watched Nannie McPhee Returns and then Watched the Superbowl. Cake, Icecream, and presents were in there somewhere too! It was really a blast. But poor Brady was sick most of the weekend...but he still enjoyed his Reesy:) I am so proud of my baby girl............what a treasure she is!!!!