Friday, August 28, 2009

Summer 2009

What we have done, June,July, and August........
~Gramma visits

~Six flags N.E. with Gramma

~To Paducah

~Rach Stitches
~Many meals with friends and family(some in, some out)

~Mam-maw's house


~Brown County

~Patti's with Kevin and Ellen

~MM and PP's 42nd Anniversary

~Baby shower

~PP had a heart attack

~Brady Strep throat

~Venture River

~Kirchoff's bakery

~William's Wedding


~Swimming at Janice's

~Paducah's got Talent (Big Finale)

~Lot's of time with Cousin
~Weinie and Marshmellow Roast in the rain, Thanks everybody
~Grandpa's car accident

~Zoo with Uncle Kevin

~Came home

~Krischon and boys visited

~Got a dog

~Lots of swimming
~Time with Friends

~Waiting for school to start:(

~Oh and also while we were home, Nat and Nae had a fall, Reese had a close call at the pool.

~After we left, MM and Nat had a four wheeler accident, and MM had some bad luck for a few days.

~But in the end everyone was OK. I feel very blessed to have family and friends such that I do. To have a husband to wait for.....and children to love. To be able to do all that we have has been a great summer.


One deployment, one summer, one trip, one day, one moment............oh what can happen. One blessing, one illness, one accident, one scare, one tragedy, one death.......So much can happen in such a short amount of time. I am thankful that I have One God, One Spirit, One Savior, One King of kings, One Lord of all. So much can happen in just much is treasured in just ONE......

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Waiting for words....

I haven't posted in several weeks, and yet so much has gone on. I am still thinking and processing and trying to put all this time into words....let me say, I am blessed............