Thursday, March 11, 2010

What the kids are up to....

Rachel is now 9 years old...CRAZY! She is still taking Dance lessons and loving every minute of it. She's in her first year of Tap and her 3rd year of ballet. She memorizes bible verses like a champ for AWANA and for school. She's becoming so capable of doing so many things. She really helps around the house with cooking and cleaning and taking care of Gracie. She is still very very organized with her plans (just like her Mama). Her dream is to be a dance teacher and to do something involving journals....she Loves journals!!! We have been able to have some very serious conversations lately, some real heart to hearts. She is a very responsible, caring girl. It is a treasure to be her mom.

Brady is 5 1/2. Not my baby anymore. He's so crazy excited about Kindergarten. We waited another year because in CT he could have started at 4 yrs old. I am so thankful that we did. He loves his preschool that he's been in for 2 years and between that and what we work on at home, he's finally starting to understand so much. He's getting his letters and numbers down and just has a curiosity about learning that he didn't have last fall. He still keeps all his toys in perfect order and needs to know where all things are at all times. He LOVES having a clean room and he can entertain himself for hours. Imagination to the sky. I will miss his little squeaky play voice when he is older. He is a very compassionate person. It is a treasure to be his mom.

As we transition into each phase of childhood it is always sad to say goodbye to the last, but always amazing to be a part of the new. I learn so much from them and from having to look further into my own heart so that I can be a better mom, leading them down a path that will hopefully, someday, lead them to their own path of walking side by side with the Lord, and even somedays just to be carried by Him. Thank You Lord, for these treasures of Yours that you've loaned to me for a time.

Counting still

I named my blog "Count it all joy" because I love that verse in the Bible. I want to be able to do just that in all circumstances in my life. The amazing part is that a few weeks ago our Sunday School class started a new book called "Finding God's path through your trials" by Elizabeth George. And what verse is the entire book and study guide based upon? James 1:2, Therefore, Brethren, Count it all joy when encountered with various trials. It has been so amazing to work through this and really discover what it really means to be able to do that. It is a choice and it comes with the many promises of God.