Friday, October 29, 2010

Old Sturbridge Village....a great field trip!

I can't seem to get the pictures to load for this, but it sure was a great time. We went back to 1830 and were able to see how life was back then. From the town bank and store, to the church and the homes of the rich and poor. The blacksmith, the potter, the tin smith, and all the animals used for the work. It was a great experience to see and hear how things were done on a daily basis. Rachel's class got to make cookies baked in front of a fire in a special tin "oven". The were called Jumbles and the recipe was called a reciept....Boy are we spoiled today!!!! What a great day!

MawMaw, PawPaw, and Carson Renee...

We had a wonderful week with them too! MawMaw was feeling a little better on some days so she got to enjoy some things with us. We went to Bluff point, we went to see the movie Secretariat, took some walks around the neighborhood, and got to sing at church together. It was a very nice, relaxing time! And Carson is just a joy to be with. It is so exciting to hear her talk about her work in El Salvador and her hearts desire to be there with those children. I know that God has BIG plans for her!!!!

Gramma and Grandpa came for a visit......

Gramma and Grandpa get to come most years on her fall break and that means they are always here around Brady's birthday. It is always a great week. We are so blessed to have such great parents!!!

My Brady is 6....Happy birthday buddy!

Did I ever think my baby boy would be 6? NO! But I am sure so blessed by him. He is so thoughtful and sweet....He sure does enjoy his days...his toys....his time! There is never anything he couldn't be or anywhere he couldn't go.......his imagination is the best! I love you with all my heart Brady Lee Rodgers!!!!!!

Dawn and Megan come to visit!

We are so blessed to still get to see the Fetterly's since they moved to Hawaii! Dawn's family is from here so while we still live in CT, we will get to see them when they visit! It was such a fun evening...but there is never enough time!!!

First day of school!

Rachel's first day of 4th grade...
Brady's first day of Kindergarten..
I am so proud of them!!!

It's great to have cousins!

I love this picture!

Jody, Shannon, Carson, Sydney, Hudson and A.J

Submarines, Corndogs, and very special friends....

We were blessed to be able to be at Carl's retirement ceremony! JB was honored to be a guest speaker and to present Carl with this lovely corndog shirt! Thank you Carl for your service to our country for the past 20 years!!! And thank you Kolb family for your friendship!

A camping we will go....

We decided to buy a camper...not new...not big...but a great investment! We had such a good time on our first "trial" camping trip and I look forward to the many, many, more good times we will have! It is a great time to just talk, walk, and spend time with my family. To really notice the amazing creations that God has given to us!