Friday, August 28, 2009

Summer 2009

What we have done, June,July, and August........
~Gramma visits

~Six flags N.E. with Gramma

~To Paducah

~Rach Stitches
~Many meals with friends and family(some in, some out)

~Mam-maw's house


~Brown County

~Patti's with Kevin and Ellen

~MM and PP's 42nd Anniversary

~Baby shower

~PP had a heart attack

~Brady Strep throat

~Venture River

~Kirchoff's bakery

~William's Wedding


~Swimming at Janice's

~Paducah's got Talent (Big Finale)

~Lot's of time with Cousin
~Weinie and Marshmellow Roast in the rain, Thanks everybody
~Grandpa's car accident

~Zoo with Uncle Kevin

~Came home

~Krischon and boys visited

~Got a dog

~Lots of swimming
~Time with Friends

~Waiting for school to start:(

~Oh and also while we were home, Nat and Nae had a fall, Reese had a close call at the pool.

~After we left, MM and Nat had a four wheeler accident, and MM had some bad luck for a few days.

~But in the end everyone was OK. I feel very blessed to have family and friends such that I do. To have a husband to wait for.....and children to love. To be able to do all that we have has been a great summer.

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