Monday, May 4, 2009

Sweet, Sweet laughter

I just read a friends blog about her 21 yr old daughter leaving home and where did the time go? Rachel is 8 and Brady is 4 and I feel that way. As we said goodbye to Daddy on Friday...all I want is for time to go fast, but as we spent the weekend doing some extraordinary fun things, like carnivals and ballgames and shopping....all I want is to stop time. We were shopping yesterday and I let them play in the play place for a bit and as they played Rachel was trying to "hide" from Brady and so she was crawling around on her hands and knees, darting in and out of things and giggling to no end. She had me laughing so hard.......and I was sitting alone, so I'm sure I looked pretty funny. But in their sweet laughter, their innocence, their unending hugs and kisses, their pure happiness, I find so much joy. And just as my friend thanked the Lord for the years spent teaching, nurturing, loving and growing with her daughter, I too am thankful for the years we've had.....and wanting to cherish every moment to come.


  1. Cherish every moment, for one day soon it will be Rachel you are gazing in the rear view mirrow at as the tears come. (I'm not sad, I promise, it's just part of them growing up. After all, we raise them to leave.