Friday, May 15, 2009


Yesterday, twice, my attention was brought so abruptly to the fact that so many adults are just as guilty as children of having no manners at all!!! I watched an aid at the school practically yelling at a child. Then we had Arts night last night, which consists of the choir, band, strings, and then some dancing. We all know that each person there is only intersted in their own children, but what happened to being respectful and to trying to show all of the children, especially those that don't have any support, that we care about them and that they are worthy of listening to. I was just disgusted as the entire audience proceeded to talk and be loud while children were up there trying their hardest to play instruments. Did it sound perfect? Was it the kind of music we would choose to be entertained with ? NO, because they are little and it sounded pretty rough, but nevertheless, they were trying and some of them were really good. And so everyone visited, talked, and walked around until the dancers performed, then it got quiet and EVERYONE sat and was quiet. Rachel performed, with lots of other students, the hoe down, throw down and it was really really cute! But then, after the dancing, probably 80% of the people just left and so the band kids that still needed to perform, had only a few people left to watch them......sad, sad, sad. I know that a handful of people have good reason to leave, but when that many leave, what does that say to our children? I think that is a great example of just how selfish we are in this world!!!

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  1. I completely agree. We always try to stay until the end, like it or not. I was shocked a few years ago when they actually had to tell the "rules of a good aufdience," but now I understand why they have to!!