Saturday, December 19, 2009


The 17th of November, the day I was born. The sound of that day always bring such warm memories and fun times. Each year as a child, I was always made to feel as special as anyone could feel on that day. Special treatment from Mom and Dad, the birthday cake (homemade ofcourse) of my choice, and always fun! A few times I had parties with friends which was fun, but many years, my birthday was just celebrated at home with my family and those are some of the best memories I have. Ofcourse my Mom is the master of getting special presents and wrapping them as that of an artist. I ALWAYS got happy birthday sung to me and my picture taken as I blew out the candles......sometimes we had to do a redo because the first one didn't take.....and I still do that to this day to my kids:) And after I married and have moved from state to state I still have been able to have special birthdays. Some I have been home for, some have been spent with family visiting, some with my husband, some with my kids and some with my husband and my kids. And some have been spent with very special friends made along the way that truly understand the navy life and care enough to make my day special. This year my friend Dee (of which we need a real picture taken of us together with me NOT in a spongebob suit) made me dinner and had me and the kids over. Rach made my cake, Gramma sent what she needed, and so we ate and laughed and had a great time. And my other friend Cindy took me for a girls morning as well the day before.....Great friends, special memories. And my family back home and my friends abroad all still remember me on that day with a card, a gift or a special phone call.......Those days are when I realize all of the people that God has put in my life that I so often take for granted. All of them thinking of me on that same day.....Should I ever be so blessed?

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