Sunday, March 29, 2009

Manners or NO Manners...that is the question!

I thought it so funny when I was working with Brady on his Cubbies bible verse for this week. He was supposed to memorize "Lord, teach us to pray." He would not say it without some manners:) He said it "Lord, PLEASE teach us how to pray." I laughed so hard...I was helping in cubbies today and that is exactly how he said it to the other teacher.....Gotta love it. And speaking of manners..........I guess that goes out the window with Gramma. Brady feels the need to ask her for anything and everything that he wants (ofcourse he usually gets it too). But the other day I told him that he really needs to stop asking Gramma for everything. I told him that it is rude to expect someone else to get something just because you ask and he said "Mommy, don't tell me to stop that because that will hurt Gramma's feelings if I don't ask her. She loves to buy me stuff." Ofcourse I have to agree with him there...she does love to buy stuff for them and she's going to he's just learned to let her know ahead of time what he likes!!! But at least he's using those manners with God..........

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  1. Yeah, I wonder how I'm going to handle this situation when *I'm* the Grandma!!