Sunday, March 15, 2009

Submarines and a 4 year old...

It has been most interesting since JB has been back on a Sub that is actually going out to sea. The questions that Brady asks, are so logical, but at the same time just so funny. His mind just cannot grasp it all. He has asked "Does Daddy get wet?", "Can he see sharks out of the window?", when I say there are no windows...."No windows? How does he see the sharks?" He has asked me "Is Daddy going to get eaten by sharks, or are they nice sharks where he goes?" He asks questions about where Daddy goes and what he does while he's gone and the only answer I know to give is that Daddy is protecting us from the bad guys. And then ofcourse he relates bad guys with Pirates and tells me "Daddy can fight the pirates with his sword...Does Daddy have a sword?" A lot for a four year old to take in.............just fight those Pirates Daddy!!!

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  1. Well, they do have windows in the movies!! How sweet! And I'm with him...Fight those pirates for us, JB!