Monday, March 30, 2009

10*weird* things about me on my 10th post~

I always get a chuckle when others have done similar posts....just thought I would enlighten all who read......

1. I can't take a shower without having freshly brushed teeth
2. I can't stand for my bare feet to touch anything wet(except the shower), esp. public floors.
That's enough to make me pass out!!!
3. I always swish water around in my mouth when I'm done eating...I don't like dirty teeth.
4. I get very bothered when I run out of paper plates.
5. I have always wanted a personal I would eat healthier.
6. I think it would be great to experience life in the little house on the praire days.
7. I don't like to get off of the phone in a hurry...It makes me feel nervous.
8. Everything I do is on a list/schedule of some sort. I like my PLANS.
9. I am horrible at picking my favorite of, color, activity....I just like all kinds of things. (Not a good decision maker)
10. I get very excited when it's Friday....even though I don't work!


  1. Hm....I wasn't aware of your toohtbrush fetish! LOL I can completely relate to numbers 8,9, and 10, though!

  2. Just when I thought I knew ALL about you! Then there is me, with my problem of eating only one thing at a time on my plate. HAHA! Miss you lots. Thinking about becoming a blogger. Sounds like a good way of venting, or of keeping in touch with what your life is doing now.

  3. Just when I thought I knew ALL about you. Then there is me with my problem of eating one thing at a time on my plate. Oh well! Your little fetishes are what I love about you, Ang! Miss you lots.

  4. Angela, might I suggest what my girls do regarding the teeth brushing. They actually brush theirs in the shower. How weird is that?! They have 2 sets of brush/paste, one for the shower and one for the vanity. I loved your list, especially #2, i hate my feet to be wet or dirty. I wash them every night before bed, ha.