Friday, June 26, 2009


Rach had to go to the ER yesterday here in Paducah. We just got here for our long visit and she fell on Mom and Dad's brick steps and sliced her knee. It was a big deal to would have been to me to...I've never had that happen. But she was very brave and did very well. I got to thinking how thankful I am for hospitals and medical procedures and medicine and insurance! Just a year ago we were at Yale Children's Hospital with Brady's low blood platelets...scary, yet also "fixable"......I am thankful for "fixed" children and somewhere to take them to get "fixed"..... She wanted her Daddy.....but Me, MawMaw, Gramma, Nae Nae and a few others made was pretty funny how so many of us ended up there for a cut knee.......Only in our family.....I Love my family!!!!

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