Saturday, April 11, 2009

Long lost hugs

There is nothing quite like your husband walking in the house after being gone for a month without you knowing he is there! JB got a ride when he came home on Thursday and so it was a surprise when he opened the door!(good thing I was home, because he didn't have any keys on him)...I've learned to appreciate the time apart because it really really makes us appreciate one another. I have missed him so much this time and it was such a short run, but I think I am just living in anticipation of the deployment coming up. But I know that everyday that I wake up is one day closer to my long lost hug!!!! And I also know that My Heavenly Father is there every single moment....with both of us! We are blessed in this Navy life that we live~


  1. hang in there Ang! I mean, I know he is home now, but if you are like me, (And I know you pretty well!) then you are dreading the one coming up. Enjoy your time together and call if you need to talk anytime!! Miss you!!

  2. Wow! I always wondered how I would react if Rick did that! I think I might die from shock! LOL