Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer fun in Paducah

I didn't really get very many pictures from my trip this year because I took my video camera, but here are a few. We had a wonderful time visiting. We got to go to Kimberly's and swim with all the kids, I got to go to dinner with my school friends, got to spend some time with Yvonne and the boys, got lots of good time with our family. Fishing with PawPaw, Six flags and the "Big play", get together at Aunt Janices where we got to see lots of family and just lots of fun times. Meeting A.J. for the first time was definitely a highlight, boy is he amazing! We got to be a part of Syd's birthday party....very fun! And ofcourse Brady and Rachel both had strep throat and Rachel had some very sore and swollen places on her feet??????, but somehow we can't go there without medical problems:) We ended our trip again this year at Uncle Kevin and Phebe's. We went to Chick-fil-A, the zoo, and then they grilled a yummy dinner for us that night. We are blessed by all of the family and friends that we have back home...........truly blessed!

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