Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Season's come and season's go....

Well my baby boy if officially done with preschool and I am officially not a mom of babies or preschoolers! I spent most of my life waiting for the day to come when I could have babies and be a mom.....although I will always be a mom....I never really thought about the day that they would be "big kids". But we have all been so very blessed by their preschool experiences. Rach at Happy Apple in GA and Brady at Tollgate here in Groton. Wonderful teachers with hearts for Jesus, assisting us in helping our children learn to walk with Him. I always try to remember, although I do not always keep it together, that each moment with my children is a gift and a moment to try to lead them closer to the Lord. Is that always easy when everyone is grumpy or I've been up half the night with sickness or accidents in the bed or whatever.....NO! But I can see now that time is fleeing away and I pray that each and every day I can see what is really important. May God be with Rachel and Brady as we all enter a brand new season......we'll see just what God has in store for me too!

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  1. Awwww how sweet! I love those teachers too!
    Great updates!!! Catching up are we?