Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Friends forever

Living the Navy life we have definitely learned that friends come and friends go. We come and we go. We have been so blessed throughout all of these years to meet so many different people and families. Some are for a short time, a season of our life. Some are forever friends. JB and Carl checked aboard the USS Memphis the same year and Cindy and I met shortly after. We soon realized that our children were the same ages, Drew and Rachel were even in the same class. We were from the same part of the country, she knows the town where my Grandmother lives.....no one knows that! We soon learned that she and I had a mutual friend in Georgia where we both lived at the same time but didn't know each other.....all sorts of little coincidences. We also found that we had something greater in common and that was Christ....we both love Him and wanted to live our lives in accordance with that. Our husbands headed for sea and then were gone several months of the next year and a half. They did a six month deployment together in which they were able to be there for one another as well. Cindy and I developed a wonderful friendship that would serve as a "live preserver" during a very hard year. We laughed, cried, prayed and just spent time together passing the days until our husbands were home. And ofcourse we have spent Friday nights together for a couple of years at McDonalds and then back to one of our homes to talk or play games or whatever.......with our without hubbies! Our children love to be together! But now they are moving forward in their life, Carl just retired from the Navy and they are moving home. I am so excited for them to be doing that, but ofcourse I will miss them with all my heart. But we will keep up, and one day, we will live much closer to them............Thank you Lord for Forever Friends!!!!

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