Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Disney World....Day by day...

We dropped Gracie off at the kennel and headed for the airport! Our flight went perfect and we landed in Orlando. We then took the Magical Express bus to our resort and check in was great. We took a look at our room, grabbed some dinner at the Contempo Cafe, and headed to Magic Kingdom! We were just so excited! We stayed pretty late that night....we were exhausted and slept like rocks that night!

We slept in a little this morning....ahhh refreshed, ready to go again. We went back to Magic Kingdom! We rode more rides and saw some Characters! We had dinner at Tony's Town Square. It was a nice Italian restaurant. The lady and the tramp were on their fountain there....it was yummy! Then we went back to the resort and went for a swim. The kids loved the pool and they had a blast on the waterslide! Then we got cleaned up and went down for the outdoor movie.."Bedtime Stories"....another great day.....exhausted again:)

We got up and caught the monorail over to Epcot. Brady was very impressed with the size of that huge ball!!! The monorail gave us a nice little tour of some of Epcot before dropping us off. We rode the Nemo ride which was just next to our lunch stop. We ate at Coral Reef Restaurant. It was a seafood place and our table was up next to the big aquarium of fish, sting rays, sharks and other sea creatures. Pretty Cool! The kids got to be Kim Possible secret agents that day and they got to save France! We then went back to the resort and ate some dinner at Contempo Cafe again. Then we got ready to swim and went swimming in the dark!!!! Fun night!

Off to Hollywood Studios today! It was hot, hot, hot! We had lunch at a really cool place, 50's Prime Time cafe. It was all set up just like the 50's and it was a nice "homemade" meal for us! We did the Star tours ride twice because Brady loved that so very, very much! Then we just got too hot, so we headed back to the resort to the pool again! We decided to ride over to the Grand Floridian to have dinner and see that hotel and then we went back to Magic Kingdom....that's where the kids wanted to go! And late that night while we were there, Brady and JB went off to ride some things while Rach and I did Space Mountain, but the line was so long that we decided not to. So we decided just to sit and relax while we waited for the boys. While we sat there we had the best conversation. We just talked about lots of things...how much we missed Daddy last year and just about lots of things.....just "life"! I love moments like that, just talking with my kids one on one and hearing what is on their hearts....I will always remember that spot!

To Animal Kingdom we go! Lots of really neat animals to see. We got to take a safari which was really cool! Giraffes, elephants, lions and all kinds of animals roaming freely. We got wet on the Khali River Rapids which felt really nice! We left in time to go back to the room and get ready for Chef Mickey's! The kids enjoyed seeing all the characters and eating off of the buffet. That night we just stayed at the resort. I did a load of laundry (realizing that I had never used a laundromat before...spoiled) and JB took the kids to the game room upstairs. They were in there for like 2 hours...they had a great time and came back with prizes!

We took the morning easy, trying to figure out just what we wanted to do. We went by the Contempo Cafe for a quick bite for lunch and then spent the whole afternoon at the pool. It was so fun just to swim and watch the kids go down the slide...ofcourse JB and I went some too:) Brady tried real hard to swim without his floaties and got real brave about going all the way under the water. We made dinner reservations at The Plaza Restaurant at Magic Kingdom. It was good. Then we went to Mickey's Toon Town for our "Family Time" which Brady had all planned for us. He learned his way to Mickey's Toon Town from anywhere in the park, so he led the way. We rode Goofy's rollercoaster...yet again...and toured Mickey and Minnie's houses....also yet again:) We stayed for the fireworks and then the 11:00 electrical lights parade which was really neat to see. We walked back to the hotel because the monorail was really packed with everyone leaving at the same time.....it was a great day!

We headed back to Magic Kingdom for our lunch at Crystal Palace with Pooh and his friends. That was a really nice lunch buffet and the kids had a great time seeing the Characters. They got to follow Piglet around for the "dance party"! JB and Rach went to ride the stitch ride and Buzz lightyear again while Brady and I went to......you guessed it.....Mickey's Toon Town.....and we rode goofy's rollercoaster and toured Minnie and Mickey's houses......just something different:) Then we got all settled down to watch the show at the castle and then it rained....and it rained hard. We were soaked to the core...but all we could do was laugh! It was refreshing. We decided to order Papa John's pizza for dinner (which was not on the dining plan...but it sounded so good). So we ate that in the room and then went for one last swim at the pool. The hot tub was nice in the evening too. Then we got showers and walked over to the Bay Lake Tower to see what their hotel was like. It was very nice too.
Well, it's time to go. We all had such a good time. I couldn't believe how smoothly our entire trip went. This was a trip that JB and I have talked about for years and it finally happened and it happened just how we wanted. I am so thankful for the opportunity to go and just truly enjoy this week as a family and so thankful that everyone was happy, healthy and safe. We caught the magical express to the airport. The Orlando airport has shops and everything so we looked around in them. Then we got to eat at Chick-fil-A(another restaurant that we miss from home) and then we headed to our gate. Our flight was delayed about an hour and a half, but I wasn't about to complain after the wonderful week we were given. I was really just sad that it was all over, but had to focus on being happy and thankful for such good memories. It was truly a dream come true vacation!!!!

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  1. I have never been to Disney and we want to take the kids in 2 or 3 years. I should just keep your notes handy and copy you since you had such a good time! My fear is that we'll get overwhelmed by all that there is to do but I'll try to remember to enjoy the small things... even if we ride the same ride over and over!