Sunday, June 26, 2011


One step forward and two steps back....that is how Gramma and Grandpa feel some days. It seems there is always something new to worry about, some new trial, but the progress that is being made is amazing! The movement in the arms, followed by some ability to grasp with his fingers. They have been putting him on the machine called the loco mat that stands him up and works his legs. They are now standing him up and holding him up with a special waist band. Some hold him up while others help him take steps. Amazing!!! We still don't know, and won't for some time, what his abilities will be, but we do know that he has made great progress in these short months. Gramma has been right by his side the whole time and they are getting through all of this together. We can't wait for them to be home and settled, but we want him to get as much help in Atlanta as possible. To God be the glory!!!

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