Monday, April 26, 2010

Heroes in love...

Brady is all into the Sonic characters from the Wii. He is always playing, pretending to be them and ofcourse telling me what to say. I wish I could remember all of the cute things he says while playing, but this one was great. Brady was being Sonic and I was Sonic's mom. He ofcourse told me what to say beforehand and this is how our "play" went. SONIC-"Mom, is it ok if I'm a superhero and if I am in love" MOM-"no, I don't think you are old enough" SONIC-yes I am mom, Amy is so cute and she wants to be in love with a superhero because she has a big hammer" MOM- "ok, I guess you can be a superhero and be in love" Brady (Sonic) proceeded to "call" Amy and tell her but her dad answered so he said "I was wondering if I could be in love with your daughter, I'm a superhero" He pretended to listen to her dad and he said it was ok too. I absolutely LOVE the imagination of that boy!!!!! :) And it was so nice of him to ask permission from her father......he's well on his way!

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