Monday, April 26, 2010

Afewerk (A.J.)

He's finally here! Precious and beautiful! I know this has been an emotionally exhausting, joyful, scary, and absolutely amazing experience for Jody and Shannon. It has been a great priviledge to have been through 2 adoptions now. Renee and Brandon had the same experience just a few years ago when they adopted Reese. Now, I am only the Auntie, so ofcourse I haven't experienced it to the fullest like they have, but as close as our family is, it is such a big deal to all of us. To experience the love that one can have for someone so different, so far away, someone we don't even know yet is so amazing. I am so proud of each and every one of my neices and nephews. I love the relationship that I have with each one of them and I love what my children learn from each one of them. We live so far away, but the love between all of them is so precious...I look forward to one day living close enough to be a part of some of the every day events in their lives....but until then......there's phones and computers and planes and trains and automobiles!!!!!!

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