Tuesday, January 5, 2010


How often doI misunderstand someone. How often do I think something that is not really right. How often do I judge before I even know anything. Well, I definitely learned a lesson on this. While at T.J. Max with JB's mom and the kids, I had gone off by myself. As I returned to the area where Gramma and the kids were, I see and hear a lady talking to Brady. She is saying "Do you know what happens to 5 year olds in my Kindergarten class that act like that? They go into time out! Do you want to be in Time out?" And his answer was "No". I quickly got the scoop from Gramma and Rach. She apparently said "excuse me" to Brady and he said back "oh, excuse you".....meaning You're excused. She took it to be that he was being a smarty pants (of which if you know Brady, he is no where close to that kind of thing yet) and then she proceeded to say what she said. So, seeing where this could have easily been misunderstood, I went to the next aisle where she was and said "Ma'am, that was my little boy. I'm sorry about that, he didn't mean that the way....." and she cut me right off and said "I don't need your excuses, he's just a smartelic (sp?) kid that needs to be taken home and taught some manners. He would not be allowed to act that way in my Kindergarten class" and she walked off. I was left shaking and feeling like I would cry at any moment. I don't think I've ever been treated that way by anyone. But, besides the point of who was right or wrong, who did good or bad, It taught me a lesson that sometimes what I perceive to be the case...may not be. And to try to take the time to understand other people. I really do just want to love other people, even above my pride....which is SOOOO hard!!!!

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