Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2012... A WONDERFUL YEAR....

So...I made it a whole year without did I do that!  The following pictures are in backwards enjoy our year backwards.   We also had many, many other wonderful memories and fun times throughout the year. Our wonderful friend Krischon had her little girl, Aubrie in August.  Brady did finally learn to ride his bike......that was on Veterans day:)  We were at Harkness, just enjoying a beautiful day.    JB had his big knee replacement surgery on August 10th.  He has really been a trooper through all of it!  Gramma was here for that because she brought the kids back from summer and stayed for the surgery....what a blessing!  Many wonderful friends and family God has blessed us with!!!!!  We are now embarking on 2013.....a year of many expected changes and I am sure some unexpected!  We are excited to finally get to move to a forever home, closer to our family.  JB is ready to be out of the Navy..although it has been good to us.  And at the same time, we are not looking forward to saying goodbye to our life in has been full of blessing!!!! 
Happy New Year!!!

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